Speed Write Coaching: Secrets of Selection

Good candidate coaches are people worthy of consideration as a source of personal coaching advice.

1. Treat your selection like a hiring process. You are hiring a coach to help you with your writing.

2. Make certain that any advisors you use have nothing to directly gain or lose by the decision that you make.

3. A trusted friend, with a track record of giving you only top quality advice, is your best advisor. Therefore, be very careful about who your friends are. A trusted friend may have experience with a particular information source, and can tell you about good advice they already received. Or, they themselves may be the source.

4. Build up your list of trusted friends, so that you have a pool of great advisors to draw on. Of course, the only effective method I know of for doing this is to BE a trusted friend to others. So, to all of you who may be friend challenged, a friend is a person who will help you out and expect nothing in return.

5. Do not depend on luck.

6. Look at the coach’s personal speed write or article speed writing work. If you don’t like the way they write, don’t hire them. Google their name and find their work. If you can’t find it, what does that tell you? The first thing that I do when considering any advisor is to Google their name for an exact match, that is, use quotes around it.

7. The only free gift which should be accepted from a candidate advisor is great advice itself. The advisors I trust most do not need to be asked for this; they supply it both freely and often.

Charles P Knell is an Internet Marketer and Speed Writer.
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