I’m an aspiring writer, so I want a writing coach. Should I go online or personal?

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  1. Honestly, now says:

    I'm a very good critic. Feel free to email me your writing; I'll coach you where needed.

    Why am I getting thumbs-down for offering writing help? What's wrong with you people?
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  2. Personal. You cannot always trust the people you meet on the net. they maybe theiving plagiarists.

    TW K
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  3. There is NO ONE here qualified int he least to coach you in this venue. I suggest you take some creative writing classes (and pay for them), and you will then get coached and critiqued by people who know something about the field.
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  4. My mother was a successful, award winning author. Through her I met many other authors, but never heard of any of them using a writing coach. I would take a creative writing class before paying for a coach of any kind. However, if you really want to go that way, do it in person, not on-line.

    A few hints:
    - Write about things that you know and have a passion for
    - Research, research, research (for what you don't know)
    - Write well (proper English, punctuation, etc)

    Most published authors get the dreaded rejection slip before hitting pay dirt. Don't get discouraged!
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  5. Maryn Bittner says:

    I disagree with the person who said there's no one here who could coach you. I know of two, but whether they'd be interested is another matter. I don't see replies from either as I write this.

    I urge a two-pronged approach. Take every writing class you can, and ask teachers if they would consider critiqueing your work outside of class. Find a local writing group and sit in on a session to determine if it could help you. Get writing support in your real world.

    In the cyber-world, there are lots of horrible websites for writers, run by dunderheads and petty martinets, and a few good ones. I know that AbsoluteWrite has a board for writers and mentors to hook up, as well as boards for virtually every genre and places to post your work for critique (which helps you hook up with a mentor).

    Be extremely cautious about sending your work to strangers online. The risk is not so much theft (writing's a hard sell whether it's your own work or someone else's–and the thief will be lost when asked for minor rewrites) as incompetence. You want to be sure anyone you share it with knows what they're talking about and can help you improve as a writer.
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