The crucial component of any marketing article is …

the article’s title. You would not be reading this if the title didn’t grab your attention and draw you in. Right?

An article title is like the cover of a book. If you are not attracted by the cover, you will simply not be interested. In the brick and mortar book selling business, it is not uncommon to change a bad seller into a good one just by changing the cover jacket. So much for not judging a book by its cover. Most of us do just that!

For articles on speed write techniques, another title that I like is:

Speed Write 100 unique blockbuster niche articles every 10 hours”. I actually think that this is a reasonable goal for any serious professional article writer. When I achieve this goal you can bet your boots that I will be writing an ebook describing how I did it!

A great title is a lot like great art; we can’t really describe it very well, although we try. When it comes to art, everyone knows what they like!

Whenever the topic of conversation is “Great Titles”, I know what I like.

1. Be outrageous and accurate. You don’t want your reader to think that you tricked them into reading further when they finish your first paragraph. When that happens they will lose all their interest and trust in you. That’s a disaster because your reason for writing niche articles is to establish trust and create more interest in you.

2. Ask a question on everyone’s mind and answer it in your article. Example: “What the deal with the Wall Street bailout?”

3. Copy the titling techniques of great article writers. Oddly, these tend to be the very writers you may pick to read.

Do you see how easy this is?

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