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Speed Write Coaching: Secrets of Selection

Good candidate coaches are people worthy of consideration as a source of personal coaching advice.

1. Treat your selection like a hiring process. You are hiring a coach to help you with your writing.

2. Make certain that any advisors you use have nothing to directly gain or lose by the decision that you make.

3. A trusted friend, with a track record of giving you only top quality advice, is your best advisor. Therefore, be very careful about who your friends are. A trusted friend may have experience with a particular information source, and can tell you about good advice they already received. Or, they themselves may be the source.

4. Build up your list of trusted friends, so that you have a pool of great advisors to draw on. Of course, the only effective method I know of for doing this is to BE a trusted friend to others. So, to all of you who may be friend challenged, a friend is a person who will help you out and expect nothing in return.

5. Do not depend on luck.

6. Look at the coach’s personal speed write or article speed writing work. If you don’t like the way they write, don’t hire them. Google their name and find their work. If you can’t find it, what does that tell you? The first thing that I do when considering any advisor is to Google their name for an exact match, that is, use quotes around it.

7. The only free gift which should be accepted from a candidate advisor is great advice itself. The advisors I trust most do not need to be asked for this; they supply it both freely and often.

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I’m an aspiring writer, so I want a writing coach. Should I go online or personal?

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Article Marketing Time Management

Manage Your Time More Effectively and Get Better Results

One of the biggest problems that concerns article marketers is the sheer amount time and effort that it can take. Whether you are completely new to writing, or you would simply like to improve your current results, one of the first things that you must accomplish is learning how to manage your time. Once you have this down, you will be able to focus on your writing, write more effectively, and see better results for your efforts.

Having the right mindset about your writing is one of the keys to becoming a success. If you do not respect your time, chances are you are missing out on numerous opportunities that could make a difference in how much money you are able to make. Let’s look at a few ways that you can combat this problem, starting today.

Learn to be an Effective “Boss”

This is an area that most of us could use a little improvement on. There are many distractions that can take us away from writing and sometimes, it is all too easy to put it off until tomorrow. Before you know it, tomorrow has become two weeks and you have nothing to show for your time.

Managing your time effectively can be difficult when you are working for yourself. It is important to learn how to be an effective boss, even if you are the one you’ll be bossing around. By looking at writing as a “job” you will be more apt to take it seriously.

Let’s look at this way. If you had an employee that goofed off for eight hours a day, and then demanded their paycheck at the end of the week – how long would it take before you fired them? Now, take a hard look at how you are managing your time right now. Would you fire yourself?

If the answer is yes, it’s time to get serious about becoming your own boss.

That phrase is possibly one of the most loaded statements you will ever come across. Becoming your own boss is typically interpreted as having the freedom to make your own decisions, to set your own schedule, and to have the ability to take the day off if you want to. But if you give yourself too much freedom, if you don’t treat your work as a real job, chances are your bottom line is going to suffer.

I recommend finding a schedule that will allow you the freedom you need without having that freedom prevent you from actually working. If you can put in two solid hours of work, without distractions, you’ll be far more productive. Try to find a time of the day when you are at your most creative, and when distractions are minimized, and use this as your time to focus on your work.

By setting yourself up to succeed, you can learn how to be an effective boss without cramping your style. You don’t have to work twelve hours a day if you don’t want to. But you do need to put in at least some effort if you want your article marketing efforts to succeed.

Making the Most of the Time You Have

Once you have developed a schedule that you can work with, it’s time to focus on getting better results. If necessary, you may want to consider using a project management application or a calendar to help you stay focused on the task at hand. I find that breaking my entire day down into segments is very beneficial when it comes to time management. For example, I’ll allow myself one hour for researching the articles I am going to write, and then an additional two to three hours that will be devoted to actual writing.

By setting aside time to research before you actually write, you will be able to write much more quickly. Instead of having to go back and forth between your resources, you will already have everything you need at hand. This can greatly reduce the amount of time that it takes to write each article. In testing methods that would allow me to increase my own productivity, I have found that researching ahead of time and using a lot of different organizational techniques has resulted in being able to write six to seven high quality and completely original articles in about an hour.

As you learn to become more focused on your article writing efforts, and you become more familiar with your niche, you will find that the amount of time it takes you to write an article will greatly decrease. This allows you to get more done in less time, freeing up the rest of the day to devote to your own interests.

Putting it All Together

What this all boils down to is that by learning how to manage your time more effectively you can write more, work less and see the fruits of your labor in much less time. Start today by blocking out two hours of your time and put these techniques to use. Chances are, you will see a noticeable difference in your productivity as well as the overall quality of the articles you write.

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The crucial component of any marketing article is …

the article’s title. You would not be reading this if the title didn’t grab your attention and draw you in. Right?

An article title is like the cover of a book. If you are not attracted by the cover, you will simply not be interested. In the brick and mortar book selling business, it is not uncommon to change a bad seller into a good one just by changing the cover jacket. So much for not judging a book by its cover. Most of us do just that!

For articles on speed write techniques, another title that I like is:

Speed Write 100 unique blockbuster niche articles every 10 hours”. I actually think that this is a reasonable goal for any serious professional article writer. When I achieve this goal you can bet your boots that I will be writing an ebook describing how I did it!

A great title is a lot like great art; we can’t really describe it very well, although we try. When it comes to art, everyone knows what they like!

Whenever the topic of conversation is “Great Titles”, I know what I like.

1. Be outrageous and accurate. You don’t want your reader to think that you tricked them into reading further when they finish your first paragraph. When that happens they will lose all their interest and trust in you. That’s a disaster because your reason for writing niche articles is to establish trust and create more interest in you.

2. Ask a question on everyone’s mind and answer it in your article. Example: “What the deal with the Wall Street bailout?”

3. Copy the titling techniques of great article writers. Oddly, these tend to be the very writers you may pick to read.

Do you see how easy this is?

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